A Roil Introduction

In a very short time Roilty has made a splash in the market, winning AdCann’s 2021 Brand of the Year, for being expressive, defiant, jovial and honest. We are not deadpan, corporate, pretentious, or long-winded, but we do love a good pun – and a good bun, if we’re sticking to that honest streak. But enough tooting our own horns, let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Roilty is produced by concentrate consumers and our focus is creating top-notch concentrates. CannMart Labs, located in Toronto, Ontario, has been created to produce and process butane hash oil extractions. We leverage legacy expertise to craft small-batch extracts like Live Resin, Shatter, Sugar Wax and more.

To put things simply, we know that revolving strain profiles, and different formats keep things interesting; we like variety, so we know you will too. We also know that quality should be a prerequisite for any extract company in Canada – no brand premiums here. And more importantly, we know terpenes are king. Plain and simple, Roilty focuses on high terpene profiles to elevate the taste experience.

Our core values here at Roilty are that variety is the spice of life and everyone loves a little tongue-in-cheek! We try not to take ourselves too seriously here, it is bud after all! We also value discovery, as a go-to brand for established and new dabb(l)ing consumers alike. And most importantly, excellence. When it comes to concentrates, we like to think that Roilty is for cannabis extract enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.