Box Drops


Hear ye, hear ye, noble Budtenders! You are Roily invited to join the Roil Court Budtender Program, a highly distinguished cannabis community created to celebrate and reward our most noble and loyal budtenders! 

WHAT TO EXPECT: As a member of the Roil Court Budtender Program, you’ll gain access to a wealth of exclusive information, prestigious events, educational resources fit for nobility, and most exciting of all… Special access to our limited edition Roilty Summer of Slush Box Drops. Inside this hot box, discover treasures that elevate your summer adventures in the spirit of slushy delight. Share your blissful moments with us on social media using @RoiltyConcentrates_.

WHO’S ELIGIBLE: All Budtenders throughout the Kingdom are welcome to join the Roil Court Budtender Program. Please note: Roilty Box Drops shall be selected on a limited quantity basis. Should you be selected for our Roilty Box Drops, you will be contacted directly by us. We await your presence budtenders, as we raise a Roil dab to the finest concentrates in all the lands!

** Roilty Box Drops will be sent out on a limited quantity basis.

Disclaimer: Budtender Boxes are meant for education purposes only and include limited edition items from Roilty. They will be released and shipped only to eligible Budtenders who provide their selling-credentials for their applicable province. By signing up for Roilty’s Budtender Program, you are agreeing to receive digital communications from CannMart.